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Concrete Dumpster

dumpster full of trash

We can just let you know right off the bat, pretty much all of the dumpsters that we carry are going to be able to hold concrete. Still, we are going to want to know what type of garbage you are going to be putting into the dumpster before we send anything out. Since we tend to prefer sending out some of our tougher equipment to these types of projects. There are a couple of things that you may be wondering about. We want to take the opportunity to answer some of the common questions that we get regarding the use of our dumpsters to gather up concrete.

Let Us Know That You Are Going Be Throwing Away Concrete

We’ve mentioned that pretty much all of the dumpsters that we have are going to be able to handle concrete. Even some of our smaller dumpsters are going to be tough enough to be able to deal with it. We have specific dumpsters that we use for concrete and tougher types of debris. We have others that we may be using for things like green waste or just overall garbage. It’s basically important for us to be able to make sure we keep the same usage.

We Know Things Can Happen

Honestly, it’s not overly common to have any of our dumpsters completely tear up because people throw concrete on them. Therefore, damage to the dumpster is not something that we worry too much about. If there is damage to the dumpster when it is being used for the purpose in which it was intended to, you don’t have to worry. You are covered for those damages within the contract that you sign with us. Where you wouldn’t be covered is if the dumpster is damaged due to some type of misuse. Let’s say you are trying to move the dumpster and it falls off the side of the building, that’s another story.

What Do You Do With The Concrete That You Collect?

That really depends on the amount that we have, at least the procedure that we are going to follow could vary. For the most part, though, there are actual companies that will take this type of debris for other purposes. Legally we are required to dispose of it in very specific locations here in the bay area. If you want to know the exact journey that your debris is going to be making after it leaves your property let us know.

Is The Type of Garbage That We Put In Going To Affect The Price Of The Service?

Disposing of certain materials is going to be a little bit more complex for us. Compared to maybe recyclables that are going to be a bit easier to get rid of. For the most part though, we like to keep our pricing even. Give us a call or contact us though, if you want to get a quote for a specific service. We assure you that you’ll be looking at cheap dumpster rentals no matter what.

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